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Everest Insurance is selling its 1,46,575 unit promoter shares and 3,83,205 unit ordinary shares in an auction

Everest Insurance Company Limited (EIC) is selling its 5,29,780 unit shares by means of closeout from Shrawan 29, 2076 to Bhadra 8, 2076.

According to the notice distributed by non-life coverage organization, the organization will sell 1,46,575 unit advertiser shares and 3,83,205 unit standard offers. Siddhartha Capital Limited is designated as the issue supervisor for the bartering.

Intrigued bidders can get application structure the Siddhartha Capital Limited and from various parts of Siddhartha Bank Limited all over Nepal and furthermore from Everest Insurance Company Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu. Application structure can be get for Rs 100.

The base offer sum is set at Rs 100. Along these lines, any application put ought to be Rs at least 100. The whole offered sum ought to be kept in A/C no. 00115430386 of Siddhartha Bank Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu or they can store ‘Useful For Payment Check’ issued for the sake of Siddhartha Capital Limited.

EIC has issued 300% right offers to its investors and after the change of 300% right offers including the bartering shares, the paid up capital will reach to Rs 1.09 arba.



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