Monday, June 1, 2020
Home Business 60% right shares of Srijana Finance Limited receive final approval from SEBON

60% right shares of Srijana Finance Limited receive final approval from SEBON

Srijana Finance Limited (SFFIL’s) 60% right offers has been endorsed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) in the most recent rundown of right offers affirmed.

The organization will skim 60% rights for example 27 lakh 64 thousand 692 unit shares worth Rs 27.64 Crore for the current investors of the organization.

Dawn Capital Limited has been designated as the issue director for the issue.

As indicated by the unaudited money related report distributed by the fund organization for the final quarter, its net benefit has expanded to Rs 15.73 crore in final quarter from net benefit of Rs 12.11 crore in the comparing quarter of the last financial year 2074/75, expanding by practically 30%. Its paid up capital and stores remain at Rs 46.08 crore and Rs 25.98 crore individually.


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