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IPO of NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited to its pipeline

Protections Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) has included proposed IPO issue of NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited under primer survey in the most recent rundown of IPO issues in pipeline distributed.

The organization is proposing to turn out with an IPO of 3,398,046 value imparts to an assumed worth NPR 100 each, at standard for the overall population. The measure of the issue is Rs.33.98 Crore.

Sanima Capital Limited has been delegated as the issue director for the proposed IPO issuance.

NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited has been enrolled in Kathmandu under the Company Act 2063, in Nepal (September, 2012) with a principle intention of aggregate venture at hydropower part in introductory stage and to investigate other speculation roads of national needs too in future.

NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited was fused as an open constrained organization on September 2012 by a gathering of Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) under the organizations Act 2006 and furthermore as per the arrangement of the “Demonstration identifying with Non-Resident Nepali 2064”. During the year, the name of the organization is changed to NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited as endorsed by the workplace of organization enlistment center on 2.2.2017.

The enlisted office of the organization is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The goal of the organization is to make interest in the advancement areas like hydro control in this way adding to the national improvement of Nepal.


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