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Shiva Shree Hydropower opening IPO for general public from Ashwin 16

Shiva Shree Hydropower Limited is giving 33,51,140 units (counting 11,36,540 units withdrawn by local people) IPO offers to the overall population from Ashwin 16, 2076. The early shutting date of this IPO issue is Ashwin 24, 2076 and in the event that the issue isn’t bought in till Ashwin 24, at that point this issue can be expanded upto Kartik 15, 2076.

The paid up capital of the organization after the IPO will be Rs 1.47 arba. After the issuance of IPO, the advertiser investors will hold 75% while the task influenced local people will hold 2.31% and the common investors will hold 22.69% stake.

Sindhupalchowk based Shiva Shree Hydropower allocated to the substantial candidates; 77% withdrew offers to be given alongside the issue for overall population

2,68,091 units which have been saved for the representatives and common assets is likewise given to overall population.

Applications can be place for least 10 units and most extreme 10,00,000 units. Siddhartha Capital Limited is selected as the issue director for the IPO issuance.

ICRA Nepal had doled out Grade 4 rating to the IPO issuance showing beneath normal basics.

As of now, it has been creating ‘Upper Chaku Hydroelectric Project’ of limit 22.2 MW situated at Sindhupalchowk locale of Nepal. The per megawatt cost is Rs 22.45 crore and all out expense of undertaking is Rs 4.98 arba. The ordinary restitution time of task is 9.59 years and limited recompense period is 21.95 years.

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