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Final days remain to apply for Sunrise First Mutual Fund

Sunrise Capital Limited is welcoming application for its new close end common store conspire, ‘Dawn First Mutual Fund.’ The issue was open from Ashwin 8, 2076 and will close on Kartik 7, 2076 for example just two days stay to apply for the issue.

This store is overseen by Sunrise Capital Limited and supported by Sunrise Bank restricted.

The issue is of 10 crore units worth Rs.1 Arba and per unit cost is Rs.10. A financial specialist can apply for least of 100 units and limit of 1 crore units.

85% of the all out issue for example 8.5 crore units will be open for overall population and staying 15% will be kept as seed capital for support Sunrise Bank Limited and store supervisor Sunrise Capital Limited.

This is the third common reserve overseen by the Sunrise Capital Limited. Prior there were 2 reserve in the market viz. NCM First Mutual Fund 2050 and NCM Mutual Fund 2059.

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