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Nabil Bank proposes 34% dividend for its shareholders

Nabil Bank (NABIL) has declared profit of the last FY. The 522nd directorate meeting of the bank hung on November 3 chose to propose 34 percent money profit to its investors.

The bank will circulate 12 percent stock and 22 percent money profit to the investors.

The proposed profit is exposed to endorsement from NRB and its up and coming AGM.

Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL) proposes 34% profit for its investors from the benefit of FY 2075/76.

The 522nd Board Meeting hung on kartik 17, 2076 has chosen to propose following profit:

Current paid-up capital: Rs 9.01 arba

Reward share: 12% worth Rs 1.08 arba

Money Dividend: 22% worth Rs 1.98 arba including duty sum

All out profit: 34% worth Rs 3.06 arba

Paid-up capital after modification: Rs 10.09 arba

The proposition is dependent upon endorsement from Nepal Rastra Bank and the up and coming AGM of the bank.

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